STIRIXIS TECHNIKI S.A.  focuses on the human factor in all aspects of its Organisation and Management.

«Our people are our success»

Our goal is to shape a healthy and safe work environment together, tailored to each project, following the Total Quality Management approach, in order to effectively use and develop our people’s skills and to offer a working environment through which our human assets will be able to develop and cultivate and further improve their skills.  

Investing in regular education and training, we create the appropriate circumstances for personal improvement in order to support our people’s dreams and ambitions.


STIRIXIS TECHNIKI S.A.  includes adhering to work laws for accident prevention in the company personnel, or the contractor’s personnel, or any other third party, as an integral part of its business strategic planning. The company acknowledges the imperative need for designing safety measures and means, taking into consideration that the construction site’s conditions are always changing and that many types of works may be taking place at the same time.

The company is currently preparing for receiving an OSHAS 18001 certification for occupational health and safety.

The company has invested in state-of-the-art construction site safety equipment, which is provided in all workplaces, depending on the project type.