STIRIXIS TECHNIKI S.A. advances upholding its values & respecting the environment.

“We work for nature, not against it”


Respect and protection of the environment are staple qualities for our company, proving that Construction and Works can indeed exist in harmony with the natural & human environment. At the same time, construction works are indeed a means for further development and improvement. Evolution and the environment can and should be in harmony.

  • Recycling

STIRIXIS TECHNIKI S.A. is an emerging power in the recycling field, having secured strong collaborations with key industry players, taking over the operation and management of Rhodes island’s Recyclable Waste Management Centre.

  • Waste Collection

STIRIXIS TECHNIKI S.A. is active in the field of waste management on the island of Rhodes. Investments in equipment and technology offer high quality, upgraded services ensuring high standards in environment & public health protection.

  • Wastewater Treatment Plant Maintenance RHODES PUBLIC COMPANY OF WATER SUPPLY