“Stirixis Techniki S.A.” was founded in 1997 by the engineers Kostas Vrouxos, Ioannis Glinos and Michael Bratitsis.

Since then, it has been designing and implementing a wide range of large scale Public and Private construction projects, with significant budgets and complex technical expertise in Greece, Cyprus and other Mediterranean countries.

Stirixis Techniki S.A. has a 4th class contractor’s certificate, issued by the Ministry of Public Infrastructure, fulfilling all requirements for participation in public works bidding.

Since 1997, the company Partners are also active in a number of other contracting enterprises, as well as in various joint constructing ventures. They have also demonstrated dynamic trade activity in products relevant to their subject, and managed to be the basic electrical equipment providers (lighting fixtures by Greek and international manufacturers) as well as construction materials, working close with the largest companies in the sector internationally (Sika, Philips, Sylvania, Digital Lumens and more) for big Hotel Units and Public Organisations.

Stirixis Techniki S.A functions on the basis of high quality European standards and has acquired all relevant certifications. It is constantly developing, mainly by undertaking large scale construction works, especially restoration, renovation works, sports facilities construction and specialised engineering works (energy, industrial, automation). At the same time, it actively participates in Public and Private Partnerships and Public Works Concession in partnership with leading companies in the relevant fields.    

The stable and long term accomplishments of the company’s investment plans confirms the strategic design success. The benefits are not limited within the company range but are of general interest as the steady ascending course, combined to the expertise and know-how in various types of projects led to its ability to respond to any demand and to be able to transform in a constantly changing environment, always ensuring highest quality work.


  • 4th Class for Construction – Road Construction – Plumbing
  • 3rd Class for Electromechanical Projects
  • 2nd Class for Industrial – Energy Projects
  • 1st Class for Port Projects
  • 3rd Class for Landscape Projects